During her 30+years as a nurse, Tanya struggled to find adequate lighting for procedures in hard to reach areas. Over the years of trying to find a better way to light her operating workspace, she developed SEE Light to aide all healthcare professionals.

Now, every nurse, physician, EMT,  paramedic, and  military professional here and abroad will have the proper, hands-free light for all of their medical needs.


Inventor, Vice President of Product Development,  and Board of Directors

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Tayna Vaughn RN, MSN/MHA

Randall J. Wall

President and Board of Directors

Randall is a senior corporate executive with over 30 years of experience with Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, 3M Company, International Medications Systems, Limited, Cima Labs, Inc. and Cell Separation Technologies, LLC.  Randall served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cima Labs, Inc., a public company specializing in drug delivery systems based on proprietary technology where he led a successful IPO. Prior to joining Cima Labs, Inc., Randall was President and Chief Executive Officer of International Medication Systems, Ltd., an integrated manufacturer of disposable medication systems, generic drugs and a proprietary drug. Preceding his term at IMS, Randall was President of Unitek Corporation, the largest orthodontic company in the United States, and also of Pelton & Crane Company, a leading manufacturer of dental equipment, both subsidiaries of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.